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Explore the Smoky Mountains From Luxury Lodgings

Your Guide to the Activities at the Great Smoky Mountains

Rise early and take in a picture-perfect panoramic vista: The fog-cloaked mountains gently fading into a deep red sunrise. Spend the day exploring a small piece of the more than 800 square miles of protected wilderness that comprise Great Smoky Mountains National Park, America’s most visited national preserve. Make the easy drive back to RiverStone Resort & Spa in the evening for a relaxing evening in your spacious Smoky Mountain resort condo.

You can experience this blend of excitement and relaxation every day at RiverStone Resort, located in the heart of the outdoors, just seven miles from the northern entrance of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The convenient location of your Great Smoky Mountain vacation rental will give you effortless access to some of the top recreational opportunities in the southeast US, no matter whether you enjoy fishing, cycling, hiking, or all of those pursuits.

Popular activities in the Smoky Mountains:


The park features more than 800 miles of trails ideal for hikers of any experience level.


Cades Cove Loop Road, located about 30 miles southwest of RiverStone, is an 11-mile road perfectly suited for family biking outings.


The region’s streams are known as some of the nation’s best for trout fishing.

Wildlife Viewing

No matter if you explore by foot, bike, car or motorcycle, you can find hundreds of species of animals, plants and birds in the park.

Auto/Motorcycle Touring

Enjoy the sweeping vistas of the Smoky Mountains from the comfort of your car/motorcycle from one of the park’s scenic roadways.